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This month, Claudia is out riding the long trail home to Florida where she grew up.  Until she settles down in her new paddock, new columns from her are temporarily out to pasture.  In the meantime, enjoy these timely and timeless highlights from past stories.

Get Your Horse Art Fix

It’s Sunday. Fetch yourself another cup of coffee, tea, bourbon… whatever. Settle back on the sofa, hit “Full screen” on the laptop and enjoy a horse art fix.

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Today we are featuring two YouTube videos created by bestjonbonThe Horse in Art and The Horse in Art II (Mod Art). We tried to find out more about bestjonbon but his website is down so not sure/who knows? Nevertheless, the guy’s videos specialize in art, classic composers and female comic book heroes. Hey that works!

The Horse in Art showcases around 230 paintings from around the world set to the music of Aaron Copeland’s “Rodeo.” Though some of the paintings are familiar classics, many are less well known. Some are great, some not so much and it doesn’t matter. Trust us, after a few seconds, you get into the rhythm of the video and find that watching one painting after another with horses center stage brings its own hypnotic satisfaction. There are three parts: Classic European Horses, American Horses and Today’s Horses. American Horses is particularly eye-opening. The American equine experience from the Revolutionary War on down is brought to life in an authentic way that seems really vivid and alive.

The Horse in Art II (Mod Art) trots on in a similar vein. This time there are 125 images set to Franz von Suppe’s “Overture to Light Cavalry.” 6 categories include: Mod paintings, Sculptures, Rocking Horses, Carousel Horses, Folk Art and Ranch Art.

OK, that’s it. Time to do yard work or bake something. Or better yet, go saddle up!

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