The Horseman Team Wows The WEG

100 Sound Logo Final

Songs that lend a voice to the equestrian world in a way only music can.

File this 100% Sound edition under the most unusual ‘equestrian’ performance to music you’ve ever seen, or perhaps simply under ‘very french,’ because this is not the usual vaulting or dressage freestyles you expect from the World Equestrian Games.  Instead, the international competition closed with a little bit of fun from The Horseman Team!

Never heard of them?  The Horseman Team is s a French performance troupe of men who jump Grand Prix-height fences in the style of a horse and rider in one.  And of course there is a fair share of horse showmanship involving music and lights.

Unfortunately the Closing Ceremony performance is not yet available on video, so for now just revel in their full performance at Warsaw Horse Days!

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