Down to the Wire: 9.9.14 – Fly Control

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This month, Claudia is out riding the long trail home to Florida where she grew up.  Until she settles down in her new paddock, new columns from her are temporarily out to pasture.  In the meantime, enjoy these timely and timeless highlights from past stories.

Sick of summer flies?!  Zebras may have the answer!

Fly Control


One of the most effective ways to keep biting flies and other insects off of horses is to “zebra-up.” Who knew?


According this story in the Daily Mail, Claudia Wide of Whey, Germany has found that painting her bay stallion with a zebra-like pattern of stripes discourages painful horsefly bites. What’s more, scientists agree with her! They have found that black and white stripes are unappetizing to horseflies as they hate the way the stripes reflect light and prefer the flat light given off by dark coats.

Read the article here.

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