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This month, Claudia is out riding the long trail home to Florida where she grew up.  Until she settles down in her new paddock, new columns from her are temporarily out to pasture.  In the meantime, enjoy these timely and timeless highlights from past stories.

There has been a lot of talk of Horse Yoga around Counter-Canter Culture from the right music for your practice (here) to the perfect horsey gear to go along with it (here).  But have you ever seen a horse do yoga?  Keep reading and you will!

Horse Yoga


Horse trainer Cristobal Scarpati practices a unique horse taming method that uses yoga-like techniques as a respectful and non-violent way to create a meaningful bond.

Scarpati and his father Oscar founded the Doma India School in San Luis, Argentina where they specialize in working with horses that are wild, traumatized or chronically nervous.

According to their website,, the Scarpati family was inspired by the Ranquel Indians. “The Ranquel adored Mother Nature, believed we are her children and brothers to all other living creatures that share this earth. For the Ranquel, the horse was sacred, respected and its nature understood. For the Scarpati family, the horse is sacred.”

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