From Horse to Music Festival In One Boot

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Red Whitaker Festival Boots

It’s a rarity in the horse world to find any item being marketed as equally suitable for stall mucking and the coolest music festivals.   But this is exactly what is promised from the first collaboration between Italian riding boot specialists, Brogini, and famed British show jumper, John Whitaker.

Whitaker Festival Boots Music Square

The Whitaker Festival Boot is a play on classic Converse All-Star style with all the waterproof protection of a traditional rain boot.  You can see how these boots would fit right in with all the mud at European music festival.  And they can keep your feet nice and dry around the stable as well.

Now normally I wouldn’t rush readers to go out and buy a featured product today.  But I’m making an exception for these Festival Boots because today is the last day of the free shipping promotion from Brogini and Horse & Hound.  If you live in the United States like me, then you are normally looking at shipping costs equal to or greater than the cost of the shoes themselves.  But not today!

So if you are a fan of music festival to horse farm fashion, simply visit, and enter the voucher code Festival1 in the checkout menu today.  And enjoy your rocking new rain boots!

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