Be The First To Hear The Official Anthem Of The World Equestrian Games

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Leading up to the launch of the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Normandy, here at 100% Sound I’ve been having a great time covering all of the music that will be part of the games. This includes making some suggestions myself! You can catch up on those stories here:

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Today, I’m excited to make yet another music announcement about the games. Finally, the official anthem for the event is here! Composers, David Grumel and Jeremy Rassat, conducted an anthem worthy of the most famous international events, like the Olympics and the World Cup, but with special adaptions for equestrian events. For example, the opening emulates the sound of galloping hooves.

Spectators at the World Equestrian Games will hear the anthem for the first time this evening, during the illustrious Opening Ceremony, but you can hear it now!

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