A Place With No Name

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A Place With No Name Promotional CoverThis week in horse music saw an equestrian classic, America’s “A Horse With No Name” get a facelift from none other than the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. To extreme fanfair, Jackson’s “A Place With No Name” became the first music video to receive an exclusive Twitter release.   Along with its tweet premiere, “A Place With No Name” was shown on the Sony video screen in Times Square last Wednesday night.

While most have obsessed over the archive footage and the direction of the music video, here at 100% Sound, I’m more concerned about whether this reimagining of “A Horse With No Name” is worthy of the original.

The boys from America say yes. When portions of the track were first leaked shortly have Jackson’s death by TMZ, Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley, two members of the three part band, said in a statement to MTV “We’re honored that Michael Jackson chose to record it and we’re impressed with the quality of the track.”   Bunnell added he was “very proud of the fact that [Jackson] recorded it. It’s a good version and an interesting derivative of the original that I wrote.”

What do you think? Watch this video, then read the back story of “A Horse With No Name” here, and decide for yourself!

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