Horse-a-Palooza Music Festival and a Film Fest Too!

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Festival of the Horse and Drum BannerThe Festival Of The Horse & Drum is officially underway in Illinois! This means that in addition to the breed demos, horse dancing, riding tutorials, and Pow Wow, oh my, the Equus Film Festival is now playing, and live music is pumping out of the Horse-a-Palooza stage. In other words, the multimedia element of this festival is in full swing!

Equus Film FestivalThe Equus Film Festival is the world’s only international film festival for equestrian films and media. The projects eligible to participate in this festival include not only feature length films and documentaries, but also shorts, commercials and music videos. Yes, that’s right 100% Sound fans – horsey music videos!

One of the most interesting music video entrants is a companion piece to the feature length documentary, “Running Wild,” which is also entered in the competition. The documentary focuses on the life and passion of Dayton O. Hyde, author, photographer, and cowboy, who founded the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary at age 65.

The accompanying music video shares the track, “Song For Hawk,” recorded by Steve Poltz for the film. That name may not ring a bell for you, but I’m certain his work will. Poltz co-wrote the ‘90s smash hit “You Were Meant For Me” with equestrian-enthusiast Jewel. And he co-stared in the music video, which went on to win the award for Best Female Video at the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards.

Perhaps this latest music video will meet with similar success at the Equus Film Festival! Learn more about the film and its music with this video taken at the Los Angeles premier of the film at the Autry Museum.

With the success of the film festival last year, Equus is already excitedly expanding this year. On November 21-22, the Equus Film Festival will be screened at MIST Harlem in New York City.   It looks like these equestrian films are ready to take a bite out of the Big Apple!

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Horse-a-Palooza Schedule EditThe mega music festival Lollapalooza may have just wrapped up in Chicago’s Grant Park, but Horse-a-Palooza is hot on its heels, and primed up to deliver some uniquely horsey music to the Festival Of The Horse & Drum crowds. Music genres are by-in-large tied to the horse culture on hand, and include country, rock, folk, and Latin music.  Check out the full schedule to the right.

The artists may be upbeat, but this celebration of music and dance is not just for fun. There is some serious money at stake. The people’s choice decides the winners of a $1,000 first place prize, and a $250 second place prize. So if you are in the greater Chicago area, come out to Horse-a-Palooza and cheer on your favorite acts!

If you can’t make it to the Festival Of The Horse & Drum this year, have no fear! 100% Sound is here with a party-length playlist of songs that will have you in a multicultural, multimedia horsey mood in no time. Enjoy!


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