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7 Montagel Way

Here at Riding Habit Revised it is my stated mission to bring you the best and worst of equestrian décor, but it is the rare occasion when I find both in the same place. 7 Montagel Way in Shoal Creek, Alabama has this distinction.

There is really nothing subtle about this 55,000 square foot home, which is the largest home currently on the market, and the 29th largest in American overall. The mansion was loosely modeled after the famous Palace of Versailles in France and houses no less than 15 bedrooms and 22 bathrooms. There is also a 13-car temperature-controlled garage, a 25-seat home theatre, a 2,000-bottle wine cellar, a pool, and a full-sized commercial elevator.

Naturally the interior includes multiple frescos painted by Italian artists and detailing installed by International Fine Arts Conservation Studios, which has also worked on Buckingham Palace. For a home built only fifteen years ago, there is startling amount of old world architecture packed into this place.

See for yourself!

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 10.02.35 PM

7 Montagel Dining

7 Montagel Bedroom

So why does such a mansion pop up on the Riding Habit Revised radar? Because aside from all the over-top-design in the middle master house, this place is music in the front and riding in the back. And that is absolutely fabulous.

7 Montagel’s owner, Larry House, the former CEO of a physicians management company called MedPartners, for no discernable reason other than his own whimsy decided to make the landscaping of the front entrance in the shape of a guitar. It really does look amazing from up above.

7 Montagel Above

For equally unclear reasons, the back of the property is home to a lovely outdoor arena, an indoor round pen equipped with overhead fans, an exquisite six-stall barn, and an equestrian lounge. To boot, the home sits on 27 well-managed acres, which feature multiple groomed trails and four pastures.


7 Montagel Round Pen

7 Montagel Stables

7 Montagel Equestrian Lounge

7 Montagel Corral

In the end, with a current asking price of $13,900,000 and an estimated monthly mortgage payment of $71,854 (assuming a 20% down payment of $2,780,000 and a high credit score), 7 Montagel Way may not be the perfect place for a Counter-Canter Culture equestrian. But, there’s nothing to say that we can’t steal a few of Mr. House’s best ideas for our next barn project!

Photos from Shoal Creek Alabama Properties.

Explore the entire property here.

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