A Tail Behind The Tune Comes To Life

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Songs that lend a voice to the equestrian world in a way only music can.

A Tails Behind The Tunes Installment

This week’s Tails Behind The Tunes installment, The Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses,” is just the latest in this ongoing series at 100% Sound. If you aren’t already, I encourage you to catch up on all the songs that have been covered this year.

Naming The Horse With No Name
Marjorie’s Dreaming of Horses
The Byrds’ Turn It Up With A Classic Horse Tune
Wild Horses

Surprisingly, so far I have not come across one tune that was inspired by an actual horse. Instead, the artists find inspiration in other works of art, like plays and paintings, or are simply motived by the passions of the company that they keep, namely Gram Parsons.

Counting Crows Del Mar 400But I hope one ‘tail’ will come face to face with its equine inspiration this evening because tonight Tail Behind The Tunes artist, Counting Crows, will take center stage at the Del Mar Racetrack. Their featured song, “Another Horsedreamer’s Blues” centers on a young woman trapped in a world of predicting horse races. So it’s hard to imagine a better opportunity to bust out this classic from their catalog.

To add to the anticipation of this possibility, allow me to present another note to the story of Margery and her dream of horses. While the plotline of “Another Horsedreamer’s Blues” is derived from the Sam Shepard play Geography of a Horse Dreamer, the name Margery is not. But the name is used in another Counting Crows song called, “Margery Dreams of Horses.” And to a knowledgeable equestrian, the fact that this new Margery keeps pulling the singer back to Lexington, Kentucky seems significant.

Among rabid Counting Crows fans there is a great dispute over whether the two songs are linked. The arguments range from there being no connection whatsoever to both Margery songs being part of an intended trilogy that also includes “Anna Begins.” We may never know. In the meantime, get to know “Margery Dreams of Horses” and hope that Counting Crows play “Another Horsedreamer’s Blues” at the Del Mar Racetrack tonight!

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