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Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery


Another art exhibit centered on the Year of the Horse is unveiled – this time in London at the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery from July 30 to August 30.

Soft Horse


According to their website, “Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery presents a vibrant exhibition exploring the majesty of the horse in a variety of thought-provoking contexts. Showcasing a complete portfolio of our gallery artists, the exhibition celebrates the animal across a broad mixed media canvas.  From Robert Bradford’s 6ft soft toy sculpture recalling childhood memories of rocking horses, to Rebecca Jewell’s Pegasus, a tribute to equine mythology structured from printed feathers, Year of the Horse examines its subject from every angle. “


What makes this exhibit particularly engaging is the sheer number and variety of the art pieces, all reflecting the artists’ very personal memories and impressions of horses.


Go to the website for a comprehensive gallery of this amazing show. Click here.

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