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Songs that lend a voice to the equestrian world in a way only music can.

The ancient art yoga challenges not only the strength and flexibility of our bodies but also that of our minds. And I think Edie Campbell was right when she said that horseback riding has the same effect. (Don’t know Edie? Get to know her here.) Both require the mind and body to work as one, thus clearing out all of the unnecessary noise that clutters our heads.

It should logically follow then that the horse community is considered to be as open and accepting as the yogis. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and it certainly is not the stereotype. But all is not lost! Simply by getting a bit zen with some horse yoga this weekend, we can all begin to prove our critics wrong. I hope the latest 100% Sound playlist, Suite Equestria, will serve as a guide.

Featured Artists from the Playlist: Future Islands and Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Now that you are hopefully feeling super mellow and open minded thanks to the music, let’s get to know some of the playlist artists a bit better. First up is Future Islands. This trio hails from North Carolina and had been hustling largely under the radar for eleven long years, until one appearance on David Letterman last March changed everything.

Lead singer, Samuel T. Herring’s, stirring rendition of the groups latest single, “Seasons (Waiting On You),” and his stellar dance moves left Letterman exclaiming, “Oh, BUDDY! COME ON! Nice Going! I’LL TAKE ALL OF THAT YOU GOT! Future Islands… that was WONDERFUL!” And the video’s well over two million YouTube viewers seem to agree. (Watch the Letterman performance here.)

But before the Letterman hype, the Future Island boys had already cut a music video for this single with trusted direct Jay Buim. This video is a surprisingly unapologetic love letter to the heartland, the likes of which is rarely seen from an indie act. And yet the reviews were overwhelming positive. Set to emotional synth-pop, the ranching, rodeos and religion of an everyday couple inspired empathy, rather than the usual ire, from the hipster set. And that is not an easy accomplishment.

Herring explains the motivations for the video in this manner: “For us, sometimes, it’s quite spellbinding how Jay can translate our sound into an image. ‘Seasons (Waiting On You)’ is a song about love, letting go, learning from your mistakes and always feeling that pull – yearning for a certain love, as time goes by and seasons change. It is simply a song about the human experience.” In other words, whether you are a city dweller or a Midwest rancher, some things are actually universal.

Enjoy this enlightening look at America along with Future Islands and the sounds of their now Internet sensation single, “Seasons (Waiting On You).

If you enjoyed expanding your musical mind to Future Islands, then let’s all take a deep breath together and open our minds a bit further to Alex Ebert, aka Edward Sharpe, and his Magnetic Zeros. With its ever changing lineup of anywhere from eight to twelve eccentrics, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros is in many ways closer to theater troupe than a band, but their ability to write pop singles is undeniable. “Man on Fire” from this week’s playlist is just one example.

The group’s first album, “Up From Below” produced the run away hit “Home,” as well as the solid favorite, “40 Day Dream.” The music video for “40 Day Dream” is the second featured video today. It is in fact the third installment of SALVO!, a 12-part music video series following the fictional tale of Edward Sharpe. In this video, we see Sharpe and friends heading out into the desert on horseback to meet up with the rest of the Magnetic Zeroes. While the riding may leave something to be desired, the scenery and cinematography is excellent, and thus the work is worthy of being called an equestrian music video all the same.

Sadly, SALVO! is an uncompleted work at this date, so we will have to wait to see what happens next to the fictional Edward. Ebert on the other hand, while looking the part of a wandering Rastafarian, is actually shrewdly carving out a name for himself in the music industry. In addition to wrangling the Magnetic Zeros, he serves as the front man for the rock group, Ima Robot, which recently scored a big win by licensing “Greenback Boogie” as the theme song to the popular USA show, “Suits.” And speaking of big wins, Ebert also won a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score in a Motion Picture for the Robert Redford film “All Is Lost.”

So let’s close this yoga-esque article out with a mind-expanding ride along side Alex/Edward in this video for “40 Day Dream.”

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