Down to the Wire: 7.29.14 – Side Saddles Desperately Needed

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Side Saddles Desperately Needed


Horse and Hound sounds the alarm: Side saddles are desperately needed! Please respond as soon as possible!

Caroline Bankes alerts us to the fact that the Side Saddle Association (SSA) has been struggling for tack after a revival in side saddle riding due in part to the “Downton Abbey effect” and the fact that membership has risen to 1000 as the Association celebrates its 40th anniversary.

“‘The aim of the association is to uphold the tradition, not only for the next generation but for generations to come. We must protect our heritage; but without side saddles we do not have a future,’ said SSA president Maureen James.”


If you have a side saddle you are willing to part with, go the SSA UK website here. They would be most pleased to have you contact them.

“The Association fully appreciates and understands that Granny’s/Great Aunt’s side saddle may be a treasured possession or is of sentimental value, but if it is not being used, perhaps you would consider bequeathing, leasing or selling it to one of our Areas or an individual member? Our members are prepared to pay a fair price and will unreservedly cherish and take pride in using and/or owning it, so please don’t be afraid to entrust your valued side saddle to the next generation!”

If you have a side saddle and want to contribute to the survival of this wonderful and elegant art of riding, then do not hesitate to contact the Association:
Ms Sally Lane, Hon. General Secretary, The Side Saddle Association,
Tel: 01455 208345 Mobile: 07442 504071

Never fear. Counter-Canter Culture also will advise you if whalebone corset supplies run dangerously low…


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