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Ginger Kathren’s award winning documentaries on the wild stallion Cloud were featured on PBS’ Nature series. She documented his story from his birth in 1995 to his current status as one of the oldest Band Stallions in the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range in Montana and Wyoming.

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August 2 is the exhibit opening of “A Celebration of Wild Horses Through Art And Music” featuring the work of 27 nationally established contemporary equine artists. Held at the Cottonwood Center for the Arts in Colorado Springs, CO, the funds raised will help The Cloud Foundation continue its ongoing mission to document and monitor the remaining wild horse herds on public lands and so educate the public as to value and significance of these horses to America’s cultural heritage.


One of the artists featured in the exhibit is Alex Alvis whose bronze horse sculptures express her passionate feelings about the animals. As she says on her website, “My sculpture shows horses as individuals with a personality all their own.  If you look at traditional western art, the horses are usually transportation, or wild things to be broken.  I want the viewer to see horses beyond their practical or recreational uses.  Horses are incredible living beings and they enrich our human lives immeasurably.”

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If you want to learn more about The Cloud Foundation, click here. The website also features the original documentaries that first brought Cloud to national attention.

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