The Romance Of Dressage Set To Music

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The South London-based synthpop quartet, HUGH’s newly released EP and single may be called “I Can’t Figure You Out.” But when it came time to make the music video, they found a few humans and horses that certainly seem to have it all figured out. The video features real life newly weds, and British dressage riders with Olympic ambitions, Charlie and Abi Hutton.

And it’s a hit! Just eight days after the release of the video, it has already garnered over 17,000 views on YouTube. I image a part of the success is the flocking of the equestrian community to this excellent display of dressage and romance.

Of course, here at 100% Sound, I must also give this up and coming band it’s due. HUGH’s track is quite intoxicating, with its modern take on ‘80’s style pop and catchy lyrics. Personally, I think HUGH, Charlie and Abi Hutton, and their mounts are all headed for certain success. This is a must see for any horse and/or music fan!

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