A Thousand Horses Are A Stand Out At The Faster Horses Music Festival

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When I announced the premise for the latest 100% Sound playlist, it seemed simple enough: let’s celebrate the artists whose tunes are keeping the Faster Horses Music Festival equestrian this year. But, in reality, this festival is more about pick up trucks and John Deere equipment than rodeos and the cowboy way of life. In other words, more Ford than Fjord.

That being said, I can’t help but be a sucker for one band in the lineup – a band called A Thousand Horses. But honestly, all biases aside, there is something more authentic in their style and tunes than the typical mainstream country act. Perhaps that is why they found their way onto the lineup for Austin City Limits Music Festival, a typically more indie festival, as well this year.

And maybe they stand out for me because they know how to take the country life and look with a bit of humor. Here is the band looking thoroughly awkward in cowboy hats and knowing it!

A Thousand Horses In Cowboy Hats

Or maybe it’s because they just have a great sense of humor. On their Facebook page, they posted this as their latest press photo.

New Press Shot For A Thousand Horses

Or maybe it’s because they have some of the most beautiful equestrian artwork I’ve seen in a while on their latest EP cover.

A Thousand Horses EP The Landslide

But I think most of all, it’s because of their music.   A Thousand Horses’ songs are infectious without being overwrought with cliché country tricks. And quite simply, they are bringing something different to the country music scene that stands up in their official videos and acoustic performances. See for yourself!



So sorry for cheating you out of a playlist this weekend. But please believe me that here at 100% Sound I will only bring you music that is worthy of an awesome equestrian like you!

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