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It’s always fun to have a bag with horsey flair, but every equestrian knows that when it comes to carrying our gear, function is the most important thing. Having grown up on a horse farm in Maine, Lawrence Corradini also knows this well. And as the talent behind the bag line Horse & Anchor, he puts this experience to good use.

Each of Corradini’s one-of-a-kind bags uses durable fabrics and hardware that are often repurposed from previous tough jobs. And often that tough job was itself equestrian. For example, the two bag below use rein leather (on the left) and harness leather and brass rings (on the right).

Horse And Anchor Vintage Horse Products

At Horse & Anchor, Corradini would also like to repurpose your unused blankets and tack. Recently he finished two special order bags that use horse harness leather (on the left) and a vintage horse blanket (to the right) to make totes that could double as works of art.

Horse And Anchor Special Orders

If you’d like to make a Horse & Anchor bag your own, you can visit the website ( to see what unique totes are currently for sale. Or, better yet, contact Corradini at, and have him turn your tack and blankets into totes that will serve you in your equestrian pursuits for years to come!

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