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Her name is Jordan McCabe, and she is following her dreams. This 18-year-old British equestrian was fed up with investing almost every penny she and her parents earned in her competitive horseback-riding career. And she was even more disappointed that the high price of riding attire prevented many would-be equestrians from entering the sport at all. So she decided to do something about it.

At just 17, she formed her own clothing company, Aztec Diamond Equestrian. Soon after she found a mentor and partner in highly acclaimed designer, Stacy Marshall of Creative Textile Solutions, and by the next year McCabe was launching her own line of fashion forward, affordable, equestrian attire.

The brand shares its name with McCabe’s first horse, a 16.1 hand bay mare, and its ideals with McCabe’s real life experience. Aztec Diamond is separated into three collections, Essentials, Everyday, and Limited, which covers a range in price and style so there is a something for every rider.

The Essential Collection

The Essential Collection is the most affordable, offering simple, inexpensive, sports wear for the casual equestrian. The Collection includes a Sportline Vest and Body Fit Shirt, Branded Sweat Shirt and Pants, and the Hoodie and Technical Stretch leggings seen here.

Aztec Diamond Essentials

The Everyday Collection

The Everyday Collection contains a number of fun fashion pieces to wear in your everyday riding career.  The Fantasia Technical Breeches, seen below in black and grey, are the highlight of this collection, which also features casual show shirts and breeches.

Fantasia Breeches Square

The Limited Collection

The Limited Collection promises “high fashion influenced equestrian apparel and competition wear, inspired by catwalk trends.”  This influence can be seen in the Hounds Tooth Luxe Breeches as well as the Sweetheart Lace Shirt and Breeches modeled here.

Sweetheart Lace Final

Our hats are off to this budding young designer for bringing fun and affordability to equestrian attire!

I am also pleased to see that, despite having only officially launched in May, McCabe is already making her mark on the industry.  First by kicking things off at Sedgefield Racecourse with a catwalk show of the collections and a charity raffle for The British Horse Society.  And also by sponsoring rider Ria Ginley, who certainly does make the label look good!

Aztec Diamond Sponsored Rider

You can click on the pictures above to go straight to the Aztec Diamond Collections or stroll through the multitude of online media for the brand by flowing the links below.

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