Down to the Wire: 7.1.14 – Murphy’s Law

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Murphy’s Law


On the idea that if something can go wrong, it will, the horse was given the name “Murphy’s Law.” Born underweight, the awkward and distracted horse was “low man on the totem pole” according to the Seattle Times. Things did not improve at first.

“Murphy got overweight because he wasn’t being ridden and because the owners couldn’t afford hay. So Murphy roamed the property feeding on grass, a diet The Oregonian likened to an all-pizza diet for humans.

The police bureau’s horse trainer, Jennifer Mack, saw possibilities, though, and the city bought the gelding for $3,000. Murphy went on a strict diet and an aerobic exercise regimen that included an electric walker, a kind of treadmill that prods a horse to keep walking in a circle.”


And, as the website reports, all the effort paid off as Murphy recently made his first collar.

“Murphy, carrying Officer Cassandra Wells, chased down a man suspected of breaking into a building in Old Town and kept him trapped next to a building until cops could slip cuffs on him.

‘We were flagged down because someone was trying to break into a building, ‘Wells said. ‘He took off, and so did we.’

The suspect ran about six blocks — Murphy galloping after him — before the big horse cornered him.

‘It was the first time Murphy has been involved in an arrest,’ Wells said. ‘He did everything I needed him to do.’

He got a treat at the end of the shift, she said.’ ”


Now Murphy’s Law means something altogether different as would be thieves in Portland are finding out.

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