Five Handbags For Equestrians Who Aren’t Afraid Of The Path Less Traveled

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Riding Habit Revised a column where the best and worst of equestrian fashion and decor is reviewed with a modern edge.


The mission for Riding Habit Revised this Monday is straightforward.  Find five fabulous equestrian handbags that are reasonably priced and are neither luxury designer-made nor covered in a blinding amount of rhinestones.  Because, let’s be honest, those looks are really over-saturated in our market, and it’s about time for something different.

Thanks primarily to the many wonderful creative spirits on Etsy, this task did not prove to be insurmountable after all.  In fact, the first designer on my list, Crowned Crow, has not one but three amazing handbags for equestrians!  I hope you will click on the pictures to make at least one of these bags your own.

And if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, please head over to the Counter-Canter Culture Pinterest page as well to see even more bags for the non-traditional equestrians.

1. So Foxy, Dark Horse, and Lucky Horseshoe by Crowned Crow

Crowned Crow Handbags

2. Equestrian Brow Band Purse by ZIKYboutique

Brow Band Purse Final

3. Wild Horses Tote Bag by Monday Morning Studios

Wild Horse Tote Final

4. Reversible Horses Tote by Scenery

Scenery Label Horses Final

5. Hollowed Horse by Jet & Sharon

Hollowed Horse Final

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