Beat The Heat With Cool Equestrian Canteens This Summer

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Things are really starting to sizzle outside with the official arrival of summer.   Hydration at this time of year is absolutely essential. While the water bottle options may be endless, why not opt for something with equestrian flair?

A canteen like the one below is part of a long history of water vessels that have served horseback riders of all sorts. From cowboys to horse soldiers, the canteen was an absolute necessity on any journey. Perhaps it’s just what you need for your next outing with your pony!

And when you are arena riding and want to hydrate in style, give this Counter-Canter Culture Sigg water bottle a try. If you head over to, you can pick the bottle top that works best for you!

Black White Canteen

Stansport Canteen, 4-Quart

Counter-Canter Culture Sigg Water Bottle, 1.0L

Counter-Canter Culture Sigg Water Bottle, 1.0L

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