A Tribute To Men of Music and Horses

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Songs that lend a voice to the equestrian world in a way only music can.

Willie and His Horse Called MusicMany a man who has devoted his life to music has shown a similar passion for horses.  Perhaps this is because both bring a natural rhythm to life, or maybe its because the simple sounds of the horse are the perfect escape from the challenges of music making. Whatever the reasons, it’s not hard to find these passions hand in hand.

Just last Saturday, 100% Sound readers learned that Willie Nelson will do just about anything to steal away some time with his horse, including commissioning a new music video for a classic tune. (Read about it here.)

And Nelson is in good company with Sir Paul McCartney, who learned to love horses from his beloved wife, Linda. The pair spent endless hours enjoying their horse family. YouTube user, Brina from Iceland, who has a great passion for music and horses herself, made a tribute to the couple on horseback. In her video below you will see many of the best pictures of Paul and Linda with their horses.

Horseback Music Teacher Two

Matt Valenti and His Horse

Just recently, I learned of yet another man of horses and music that I would like to share with you. Connecticut music teacher, Matt Valenti, spent the past 40 years teaching music appreciation, music history, chorus, orchestra, marching band and jazz band to children of all ages. He graduated from Hartt College of Music in December 1973, with a triple major in violin, education, and voice, and since then has never been afraid of innovation in his music program, particularly with this first love, strings.

Valenti told The Register Citizen, ““These last nine years leading the string program have really been the best. I built the program up to the point where it doubled. If a student wanted to do a piece of a Lady Gaga song, I’d make it happen for them.”

And how did the music pioneer choose to kick off his retirement. Why, by riding his horse off into the sunset, of course! Okay, not quite because the last day of school ended at 12:50 p.m. But Valenti and his 26-year-old horse were on hand to wave farewell to his students yesterday as the last buses rolled out for summer.  Here’s hoping he has a wonderful ride in retirement!

Read the full story on Valenti and his retirement in The Register Citizen here.

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