Down to the Wire: 6.17.14 – Wild Mustang Robin

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Wild Mustang Robin

539e52ae6ae69.preview-699The Elko Daily Free Press reports on the impressive efforts of middle schooler Robin Warren on behalf of wild horses and burros.

Since 2010 she has been collecting signatures to save them and over the following three years has amassed over 250,000 signatures in support of her cause through

Now she is ready for her next ambitious step – bringing the issue to Nevada’s voters in the form of a petition, “The Wild Horse and Burro Initiative”. If she can collect 100,00 signatures, the initiative will be placed on the 2016 Nevado Ballot.

A key part of the petition is to address the fact that “The laws now designate wild horses and burros as “feral” or “formerly domesticated with no signs of domestication.” The changes proposed by this initiative — including designating horses and burros determined to be “feral” as also “wild” will protect horses and burros from danger of slaughter and ensure care standards for wild and free roaming horses and burros being held in Nevada.”

According to the EDFP, “Warren said, ‘If people knew that the wild horses are treated differently depending on where they are found they would be outraged. Wild horses should never go to slaughter, they are supposed to be protected.’

Full Story here.

Also go to the Facebook page PetitionToSaveTheWildMustangs to support ‘Wild Mustang Robin’, as she is affectionately known for her dedication to the horses and burros of Nevada.

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