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A Tails Behind The Tunes Installment

Willie-Nelson-A-Horse-Called-MusicSometimes the story behind a song or its music video can be quite complicated. In Tails Behind The Tunes articles, I often have to work hard to uncover these stories. But occasionally, the story couldn’t be simpler. Such is the case with Willie Nelson’s “A Horse Called Music.”

This song, written by Wayne Carson and originally song by Willie Nelson on the 1989 album of the same name, received a new rendition featuring Merle Haggard and Merle’s son Lukas on vocals for Nelson’s 2012 album, “Heroes.” And when it came time to give the song a new music video, Nelson’s concept was simple – “Honestly,” he said, “I was looking for an excuse to ride my horse.”

Can’t believe it could be that simple? Let Willie tell you himself in The Making of “A Horse Called Music.” Then enjoy the music video in full, which also includes clips of a couple of Nelson’s heroes, Gene Autry and Roy Rogers, and their horses Champion and Trigger, as well as some of his favorite scenes from his 1986 film, Red Headed Stranger.

And, as Willie Nelson says, “That’s basically the end of the story.”

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