This Bird In His Barn and a Few Foxes Make Sweet Music For Your Horse

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Songs that lend a voice to the equestrian world in a way only music can.

In my last playlist, The Top Ten Songs To Play Around Your Pony, I featured instrumentals by the exceptional artists, Andrew Bird and Fleet Foxes, to please the classical inclinations of our equine companions. But I don’t want to you to think these artists aren’t the creators of some amazing vocal tracks as well. To the contrary, their work features some of the most soothing harmonies I have ever heard.

Andrew Bird

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First, let’s explore the world of Andrew Bird. His earliest interactions with music were a mixture of classical, folk and bluegrass, so it’s no wonder he makes songs that are so pleasing to horses ears. And now he often records in his west Illinois barn come sound studio.

In fact, an interaction with a peacock at that barn inspired the shirt you see the left – which just happens to be for sale on The Yellow Bird Project website with all proceeds going to Pegasus Special Riders Inc. This wonderful organization provides adults and children with special needs a complete horse riding experience!  Click on the picture to purchase this t-shire and support Pegasus Special Riders Inc.

In addition to inspiring a great t-shirt, the barn is also the place where Andrew Bird wrote and recorded his equestrian ballad, “Three White Horses.” In the video below for the song you can get a glimpse inside Bird’s magical barn where so many great equestrian projects arise.

Fleet Foxes

With a name like Fleet Foxes, it just seems to make sense that their songs, instrumental or otherwise, belong in a stable, or perhaps a fox hunt. Indeed, Fleet Foxes lead singer, Robin Pecknold, landed on the band name because it was, in his words, “evocative of some weird English activity like fox hunting.”

While Pecknold may find fox hunting “weird,” he certainly has no trouble taking his soothing songs to some four-legged friends on the farm. In Fleet Foxes video for the song “He Doesn’t Know Why,” the boys croon to a mountain of goats who seems to like the tune just fine. I’m serious – see for yourself!

Hopefully now you’ll have no doubt that both Bird and Fleet Foxes are more than well prepared to play for your ponies all day long. Happy listening!

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