Down to the Wire: 6.10.14 – Guide Pony

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Guide Pony


Josh (left) and Rory (right) Picture: Masons

 Metro, a UK based website, shares the charming story of Josh, used in a Riding for the Disabled program, who was given a happy retirement after his sight failed by assigning him a “guide Pony” named Rory. Rory has a bell fitted onto his halter that allows Josh to follow him around by the sound.

ad_137173565Picture: Masons 

According to Metro, “Heather Cook, 49, who runs the stables, paired them up after hearing the method had been used to help a blind dog.And now Josh, who was brought to the stables at the age of four, is able to follow Rory for safety – giving him confidence to roam the field again.

Ms Cook, who looks after 25 horses, said: ‘With the bell, Josh knows where Rory is.We’d had a problem with him running into fences, but now Josh feels the security of Rory and has calmed down.

‘We thought it would make sense for them to be put out together and for Rory to babysit Josh. It’s working really well. You can really see the difference in Josh.’”

Full Story here.

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