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Thanks to the excellent HORSE~TRIBE Facebook page, I recently discovered that in ancient Celtic lore, the full moon of June, appearing this Friday, the 13th day of June, is called The Celtic Moon of the Horses. And with this moon on its way, it seems the perfect time to delight in HORSE~TRIBE, a one-person artisan company, with owner-founder D’Arcy Allison-Teasley designing and hand crafting equine bohemian jewelry and accessories.

On the website, HORSE~TRIBE is described as the outfitter for the equine individualist.  And that it is. From the original artwork, to the bold phrases, to the inventive use of horse hair, there is so much for the counter culture equestrian to explore. Let’s take a closer look!

Running horses, winged horses, crescent moons, stars, horse shoes, barefoot hoof prints, flowers and hearts are among the ancient and universal symbols Allison-Teasley uses for her jewelry molds. The “Boho Wrap” style bracelets below, for example, feature her original drawing in honor of 2014 ~ The Year of the Horse. Click on the picture, and you will be redirected to her Etsy shop to make one or all of these bracelets your own.

Horse Tribe Wrap Bracelets

HORSE~TRIBE is also know for its necklaces and bracelets that showcase hand stamped words or phrases as centerpieces that say it all. Allison-Teasley calls this ‘HORSE~CRAZY’ wrap bracelet “not for the faint-of-heart,” but then reasons “neither are horses.” So true! It kind of gives the term “horse crazy” a whole new meaning, don’t you think?

Horse Tribe Horse Crazy

Allison-Teasley also works with horse hair, but working in this medium is much more than simply the means to making an attractive equestrian product for her. She is drawn to these designs as a way to symbolize the deep connection between horses and humans. And she even sometimes creates custom pieces for her customers that commemorate the life of a beloved horse. The necklace below includes hand dyed horse hair, as well as a wing of carved serpentine in a pale shade of green, and promises to grant horse wishes and work horse magic. Who wouldn’t want that?

Horse Tribe Horse Hair Necklace

HORSE~TRIBE at times even gets a bit edgy through an original take on studded leather cuff bracelets like the one below. All of the studs on the bracelet are cast from vintage molds and are intended to give a girl that tough but tender look. In other words, the look of the perfect horse woman!

Horse Tribe Cuff

There are many so many wonderful ways to learn more about HORSE~TRIBE and its bohemian equine jewelry. I encourage you to explore them all!

HORSE~TRIBE’s Etsy Shop: horsetribe

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