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War Horse Museum


War Horse, the famous novel by Michael Morpurgo which powerfully depicted the suffering of World War I, was the inspiration for a Spielberg movie, plays in London’s West End and New York’s  Broadway plus a 100% Sound playlist by Counter-Canter Culture’s Marjorie Wilkinson called War Horse: You Are My Song.


But who inspired Morpurgo? According to the Daily Mail, it was the stories of First World War veteran Wilfred Ellis who worked with horses in the Devon Yeomanry. In tribute, Morpurgo set the opening scenes of his novel, where Joey the horse and Albert form their friendship before the war tears them apart, in the Devon countryside at Parsonage Farm.


Now Parsonage Farm returns the favor with an exhibit in its 500-year-old Cob barn filled with artefacts collected by local residents that tell the real story of Devon’s War Horses. The Daily Mail recounts the tale in its article, Devon Farm that inspired War Horse opens museum about WW1 and the real life stories behind Michael Morpurgo’s book.


The museum will be opened through September where children also have a chance to meet a real life Joey in his own paddock and see how a working farm operates. Full story here.


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