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Heads up Counter-Canter Culture equestrians!  The southern California based equestrian apparel brand, Cowgirls for a Cause, is raising its voice and profile with an edgy new design for the summer.

Cowgirls for a Cause at the Devon Horse Show 2014

Since 2012, Cowgirls for a Cause cofounders and fellow horseback riders, Tricia Meteer and Wanda Goldberg, have been treating the southwest to their own brand of whimsical equestrian apparel, while opening their hearts to horses and dogs by donating a portion of their proceeds to local rescues like Falcon Ridge.  (Read more about this equine rescue here.)  But I just recently discovered their influence spans much farther than my own quarter of the country.

Last week I spotted Cowgirls for a Cause apparel all the away across the country at The Devon Horse Show.  I was so excited about these Devon exclusive t-shirts and long-sleeves that I had to snap a photo for myself!  There are some of the shirts on display at Devon to the left.


Also for the summer of 2014, Cowgirls for a Cause has unleashed a new design that boldly states, “If it wasn’t hard, everybody would do it.”

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 5.42.51 PM

This is a motto that I often find running through my mind when ever training, or even life in general, presents a new and daunting obstacle.  And, I imagine I’m not alone.  Yet, thanks to all of the gumption we’ve acquired from the always-challenging nature of horseback riding and training, we get over, around or through that obstacle in the end.  Finally there is a polo that shares this message to the world!  You can make one your own by clicking on the picture above.

Then watch this fun little video that showcases even more of Cowgirls for a Cause’s summer 2014 line.  And do not overlook the fact that these cowgirls used 100% Sound playlist artist James Vincent McMorrow’s song “Sparrow And The Wolf” to soundtrack their creations.   The ladies of Cowgirls for a Cause are truly on trend for the summer, so like I said, heads up!

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