Arts & Equitainment: Frederico Uribe

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Frederico Uribe

05Horsetalk, a website originating in New Zealand, features unique equestrian statues in Everyday equines transformed by artist Federico Uribe.



Uribe, originally from Bogota, Columbia constructs his sculpture from such mundane materials as corks, pencils and shoes in order to focus on “the ‘usually neglected beauty’ of simple objects in daily use.”


Since leaving his homeland he has studied in New York, Cuba, Mexico, Russia, and England, finally settling in Miami.


His sculptures are a tribute to the horses he knew as a child growing up on a farm. “’Horses are very familiar to me, and I loved them.’”


Full article which details his work and inspirations from language and literature can be found here.

To check out more of his work, try his website here.

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