Maya Angelou’s Words Ring True For Equestrians

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Maya Angelou Miss CalypsoYesterday the world lost the incomparable activist, academic, author, and poet, Maya Angelou. Here at Counter-Canter Culture, her loss is keenly felt because we share in her dedication to diversity in all arenas and to the great well of creativity that lives in all of us.

As the curator of 100% Sound, I mourn her also for her appreciation and talent for music. Angelou famously said, “Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.” And she often did settle back into her music. In fact, Angelou has a much more expansive music career than many people realize.

In 1954 and 1955, Angelou toured Europe with the opera production Porgy and Bess, and soon after, in 1957, she released her own album, “Miss Calypso,” on which she sings every track and composed five of the songs herself. She also performed in in an off-Broadway review that inspired the film Calypso Heat Wave, in which Angelou sang and performed her own compositions. Here is a taste of Angelou’s talent as a calypso singer.

About a decade later, Angelou again returned to her love of music to write, produce, and narrate Blacks, Blues, Black!, a ten-part series for a PBS precursor, about the connection between blues music and black Americans’ African heritage. And in the early 1970s she was at it again, writing the film score for her screenplay Georgia, Georgia, working as a writer for singer Roberta Flack, and composing movie scores.

But despite her respectable career in music, blues singer, Billie Holiday, got it right when she told Angelou, “You’re going to be famous. But it won’t be for singing.” Ultimately it was her written words that brought Angelou unparalleled fame.

Amazingly, a number of Angelou’s famous quotes ring true for horse lovers. So today, as we deeply feel the loss of Maya Angelou, join with me in sharing her words that have resonated with 100% Sound and others in our, I hope, increasingly diverse equestrian community.

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