Down to the Wire: 5.27.14 – Horse and Hound and Golf

Down to the Wire

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Horse and Hound and Golf


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 At the Devon Horse Show which Counter-Canter Culture featured in last Friday’s Horse Circus, it was mentioned that at one hundred eighteen years old, the show is long on tradition and why not?

Fundamental to these traditions is the Foxhunt since, as points out, most of the racing and jumping judged at Devon rose from the hunt in the first place.

In the article, At Devon Horse Show, cheers for hounds and hunt by Jessica Parks, canines briefly eclipsed the equines Saturday night when the Radnor Hunt gave its exhibition.

“The crowd laughed and clapped loudly as 18 foxhounds bounded into the ring. Ears flapping, tails aloft, they formed a pack around three horses with three red-coated riders.

One hound promptly lifted a leg on the shrubbery. Another ran sideways over a packmate. But all stayed safely clear of the hooves. They are, after all, professional hunters, trained to track foxes and lead riders to their prey.”

But today, the article explains, foxhunting is more like fox-chasing. “‘You find a fox, chase it around, it goes into a hole, and you do it again,’ said Richard Buchanan, 49, of Unionville. ‘It’s kind of like golf that way.’ ”

Full Story here.

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