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With summer right around the bend, it’s time to get ready to hit the beach with equestrian flair. For the lucky and brave, you can take your pony for a gallop in the sand or try the latest UK craze of horse surfing to kick off the season. But even if you can’t do the real thing, you can still embody the spirit with these fun fashions!

Los Angeles based designer and horse enthusiast, Tara Hammond Leu aka Tara Kiwi, is known for her equestrian-inspired t-shirts, many of which have that summer on the beach in Southern California feel to them. This is especially true of her I Heart T.K. tee, featuring a horse on a surfboard of course! Scoop one up for yourself and you’ll be California dreamin’ with your horse in no time!

And there is no need to head to the beach empty handed. Pick up this Sunset Race beach tote from the Counter-Canter Culture shop, and take along filled with all of the tack and treats you and horse will need for your next beach adventure. Or simply pack it full of all the goodies you’ll need for a seaside picnic, and imagine your favorite four-legged friend is their with you.

Just click on the pictures below to get shopping!


I Heart T.K. Tee by Tara Kiwi

Sunset Race Beach Tote by Counter-Canter Culture

Sunset Race Beach Tote by Counter-Canter Culture


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