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petit h objets d’ art


A rare breed of quirky objets d’ art, petit h, will canter into the Hermes store in Southern California’s South Coast Plaza the second half of June.  Developed by Pascale Mussard, great-great-great granddaughter of the company’s founder, flawed Hermes pieces that have failed to come up to their notoriously high quality standards are recycled into whimsical artworks.


According to a story originating in the Wall Street Journal, “Ms Mussard ferreted boxes of useful detritus out of Hermès factories for years. Then she met Gilles Jonemann, a jewellery designer working under his own name who held no reverence for Kelly bags or silk scarfs. ‘I knew nothing about Hermès,’ Mr. Jonemann says, ‘except for things I didn’t like.’

When she asked him to work secretly for a year, without pay, he helped her squirrel more rejects out of Hermès factories in the trunk of his car. Together, they created 100 prototypes, many of them whimsical.”


Though Ms Mussard was so nervous about presenting the idea to the company that she carefully read her proposal out loud to them verbatim so she would make no mistakes, they agreed to test the concept. “ ‘I said, I have a project and you cannot say no. I know you all think I’m crazy,’ she says.”


The result is detailed in the Wall Street Journal’s complete article and video here.

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