Down to the Wire: 5.6.14 – Dramatic Win and Dramatic Rescue

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Dramatic Win and Dramatic Rescue


Announcing that California Chrome won the Kentucky Derby will hardly be news to anyone but the History Channel website has an interesting article on 7 expressions You Might Not Know Came From Horse Racing. It may seem obvious why such terms as “Across the Board”, “Also Ran” and “Win Hands Down” evolved but then again, you might be surprised….

river rescue 1

CTVNews in Vancover ran the story of the dramatic rescue of a wild horse from the dangerous waters of Summerland’s Trout Creek in British Columbia.

river rescue 2


A young filly was found trapped in the wild rushing waters unable to get to shore because of the large boulders blocking her way.


A team of Fire and Rescue Crews aided by volunteers from O.A.T.S. Horse Rescue undertook the challenging task of bringing the exhausted horse to safe ground.

Video by Theresa Nolet:

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