Go Ahead And Get Down With This Little Electro Dance Horse

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Happy Saturday everyone! The weekend is here and if you need a little pick up like me after all the Holding On & Letting Go, give this little electro dance horse video a try.  The images come from a vaudeville act called Pansy The Horse, but the music of The Drill gives this act a new twist.

For inquiring minds, the actress in the video is Virginia Mayo, and this is not the only time she played opposite this horse. She also played the female lead in the Broadway musical Banjo Eyes, in which a talking horse, played in costume by the same vaudeville team of Mayo (Morton Mayo, not Virgina) and Martin, tells his human counterpart winning racehorses in his dreams. It seems like everyone’s dreaming of horses! We all know Margery’s doing it too. Do you? Read all about it here.

Then get up and dance along with Pansy, using two legs or four!

One final note – I don’t know why Pansy is said to have lived from 1994 – 2005, but I suspect this may have something to do with the fact that Ms. Mayo passed away in 2005.  She was not eleven of course, but 84.

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