Fill Your Equestrian Fashion and Décor With Wonder

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The Wonderful World of Comics Convention or WonderCon hit Anaheim, California, from April 18 – 20, and Counter-Canter Culture was on hand to take in all the equestrian action. As expected, the My Little Ponies were the most popular equines around. But many more fine artists and designers were on hand, offering new and exciting ways to enjoy the horse and its whimsical counterparts.

Below are few of the finds among the WonderCon exhibitors and those in “Artists Alley” that equestrians must check out immediately.  From shirts, prints, bags, and other fun swag, there is something for every little horse lover!  Just follow the link to make these treasures your own! You can also head over to our Pinterest page to see even more wonderful merchandise.

1. My Little Pony Shirts from welovefine

My Little Pony Shirts

2. Unicorn Shirts by Extracurricular Activities

ECA Unicorns 

3. Prints by Steamcrow

Steamcrow Prints

4.  Tote Bag by Skelanimals

Skelanimals Unicorn Border

5. Unicorn Balloon Pocket Mirror by Unicorn Crafts

Unicorn Ballon 


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