Equestrian Quotes That Will Make Your Heart Sing: Shakespeare Edition

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When it comes to Shakespeare and horse quotes, it seems that one always rises to the top of the list.  “A horse! a horse! my kingdom for a horse!” from Richard III is likely one of the best known horse quotes of all time.  And thanks to the multiple meanings this quote holds in modern society, it probably deserves to hold on to its top billing.

But for this edition of “Equestrian Quotes That Will Make Your Heart Sing,” I’d like to take you back in history about a half century.   Before Richard III briefly reigned over England, a far better king held the post – Henry V.  Shakespeare wrote a play about him as well, and it is in this work that the Bard’s beautiful quote on horses and music can be found.

It is a shame that the lines belong to the Dauphin, one of the least liked characters in the play.  So just for today let’s imagine that this Henry V said these lines about this white horse.  I doubt I’ll receive any complaints.  Enjoy!

Shakespeare Henry V Quote

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