Music And Horses Meet In A New Music Video From Whistlejacket

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Is it really possible that music is reaching out to equestrians as a unique niche of the artistic community?  I must admit up to now it was something I only dreamed about as I’ve been on this mission to highlight the countless connections between horses and music.  But now, way down yonder, in Auckland, New Zealand, there springs a fountain of hope, and it goes by the name Whistlejacket.

This Whistlejacket is a four-piece band that plays something they like to call “modern day pop art” music.  The band is named after the original “Whistlejacket” work of art, a famous 1762 George Stubbs painting of the Marquess of Rockingham’s racehorse.  Trust me – you know this painting even if the name is not immediately familiar:


And the members of Whistlejacket appear to be true horse lovers.   They list horse riding as the band’s top interest only after music on their Facebook page, and they wrote a special track called “Race Day” for all the “punters and munters at the Addington Raceway,” a trotting track in New Zealand.

As if that weren’t enough evidence, in April Whistlejacket is taking it up a notch with the release of their first music video for the track “We Get This Feeling.”  This video is shot in an arena, where girls on horses ride around the band as they preform and even jump the speakers!  Check out these behind the scenes photos from Whistlejacket’s Facebook page, then watch the full video below.

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Whistlejacket Behind The Scenes 3

Whistlejacket Behind The Scenes 5

Thanks in no small part to the coverage in the equestrian community, this video is racking up views on YouTube.  Of course, there is the expected backlash from some, saying that the video over sexualizes horseback riding.  But overwhelmingly, the reviews from the horse world are positive to which I say hooray!  Anything that sheds an entertaining light on horseback riding to the greater universe is long overdue.

And the news gets even better.  Whistlejacket wants to do it again!  Over on their Facebook page, they are seeking out suggestions from horse lovers in particular for their next music video.  Apparently they really like being a part of our community.  Let’s not let them down!  Send them your suggestions today and maybe even more talent will jump on this horse-drawn bandwagon.

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