Down to the Wire: 4.8.14 The Long Trail Home

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The Long Trail Home


Marine veteran Mark Littrell found that life after two deployments in Iraq wasn’t easy for himself or his comrades. According to a story on NBC 9 News in Colorado, “”We got back and since then due to DUIs and suicides and other things, we’ve lost almost as many people as we did overseas,” Littrell said.”

After returning to Colorado, he began helping his father shoe horses and started to regain some peace of mind. Adopting a mustang names Crow helped him to adjust to civilian life again.

On May 1 Littrell will start a horseback journey from Surf City, North Carolina to Camp Pendleton in California raising money for the Semper Fi Fund, a non-profit raising money helping veterans return to civilian life.

“‘What I’m calling the whole deal is the Long Trail Home, and it is,’ Littrell said. ‘Coming back, transitioning and rejoining society and getting right with yourself again; it’s a long, long, hard trail.’”

The Semper Fi Fund is collecting the donations on its website

You can also follow Littrell’s ride on his Facebook Page:

Full Story and Video here.


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