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‘Horse Tales’ is the theme of the 35th annual Midwest Horse Fair held at the Alliant Energy center in Madison, Wisconsin.

As organizers put it:

“Help us celebrate the 35th Annual Midwest Horse Fair on April 11, 12, & 13 – 2014, as we discover the wonders and fantasies that are Horse Tales!  Since the dawn of time, horses have had an impact on the cultures of the world and their spirit and vitality are forever immortalized in the stories and tales that are told about them.  Explore the American West with Spirit- Stallion of the Cimarron, then travel to the Arabian deserts with King of the Wind, from the deserted islands of The Black Stallion, to the English countryside of Black Beauty, and beyond!  Equine tales transport readers to a magical time and place where the strength and essence of horses are captured forever in the pages of a book.  At the 2014 Midwest Horse Fair, attendees will be able to revisit their favorite Horse Tales and can write a new tale of their own!”

Featured equestrians include Steffan Peters, Eitan Beth-Halachmy, Anita Howe, Sharron Camarillo –  the list is too long to produce here; PRCA rodeo shows and America’s Equine Soccer Leaque are among countless other events. It is the biggest horse fair in the country and a digital version of the Midwest Horses Fair’s 100+ page catalogue can be found here. Check it out as it is the best way to get an overview of this massive fair. You might also try their

One of the events most in keeping with the ‘Horse Tales’ theme is Ma’Ceo produced by Cavallo Equestrian Arts:

“A break from today’s age of frills and technology, the world of Ma’Ceo will take you back in time to the roots of gypsy and circus heritage, reveal the traditional and diverse art forms of acrobatics and horsemanship, and unveil the beauty and intensity of the origins of circus performance. Ma’Ceo is truly an unforgettable experience.”

Ma’Ceo makes good on its claims in the video below:

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