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Los Angeles is a city that is famous for its shopping streets.  Everyone knows about the luxury brands on Rodeo Drive, and most have probably heard of the alternative scene on Melrose.  But the boutiques on Robertson Boulevard seem to remain a local obsession.  So in this week’s Riding Habit Revised, allow me to give you a sneak peak inside a Robertson boutique that has plenty of fine fashions for the equestrian or the equestrian at heart.

Lauren Moshi Art Gallery editLauren Moshi is not an individual, but rather a brand founded by arts-school graduate Lauren Moshi and her brother, Michael Moshi in 2006.  Each piece in their collection features a hand drawn design by Lauren, which is meticulously transferred onto women’s apparel under Michael’s watchful eye.  Together, this duo have built a clothing empire that supports a 2,300-square-foot flagship store and art gallery on Robertson, as well as an international presence at over 1,000 boutiques around the world.

But why should we care about Lauren Moshi as equestrians?  It’s Lauren’s eye for equine-based designs that should catch yours.   Polo, Arabians, Western, Tribal Horses, Horseshoes, Seahorses, Zebras, and Unicorns – Lauren has made stunning designs of them all!    Below is a sampling of the designs currently available on for equestrians.

A word to the wise – Lauren and Michael keep demand high by keeping inventory low.  In other words, time is of the essence in snatching up these designs from Lauren Moshi.  But it just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t also assure you that it’s totally possible to find older designs at one of the many other online retailers that carry Lauren Moshi products.  So follow the links below or get Googling to make a Lauren Moshi equestrian design your own today!

LM Crest

LM Crest


Lucky Horse Shoe

Native Horseshoe, Royal Horse & Seahorse

Lauren Moshi Horse Products

Unicorn Tote

Lauren Moshi Unicorn Tote

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