Gestüt Schiele Ist Happy With Pharrell Williams

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Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams

Things have been going pretty well for Pharrell Williams lately, and I’m not just saying that because his song with Daft Punk, “Lose Yourself To Dance,” was featured in the latest 100% Sound playlist: Harder Better Faster Stronger: An Ode To The Thoroughbred.  Check out all the tracks here.

From his three Grammys for “Get Lucky (also with Daft Punk),” to his Oscar Nomination for “Happy,” to his viral-worthy ten-gallon plus hat (see left), everything seems to be going his way.  So I, for one, am glad to see that a team of equines and equestrians has picked up on his good vibrations.  This weekend get happy and clap along with the Gestüt Schiele girls who definitely feel like “a room without a roof” when they are with their ponies!

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