Five Horsey Hoodies From Off The Beaten Track

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Riding Habit Revised a column where the best and worst of equestrian fashion and decor is reviewed with a modern edge. 


Oh how I love a great hoodie.  It’s absolutely the perfect apparel for early spring.  It keeps you just warm enough as winter snow gives way to flowers, and it’s easy to remove on extra warm days even with a helmet on.  So it’s no surprise that I’m always on the lookout for the unexpectedly horsey hoodie.

Although the search is always on, equestrian hoodies can be amazingly hard to find.  Sure you can always grab an Ariat number from the Dover catalogue, but it requires quite a bit more effort to be an original!  Riding Habit Revised is here to give you a head start with five horsey hoodies from off the beaten track.  Just click on the pictures to snap one up for yourself!

1. Elektra Born To Ride Hoodie

Born To Ride

2. Outback Trading Co. Ladies Hungry Horses Hoodie

Four Horse 700

3. Tokidoki Unicorno Madness Hoodie

Unicorns Hoodie

4. Horseware Black/Leopard Hoodie

Polo Hoodie

5. Counter-Canter Culture Hoodie

C-CC Sweatshirt

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