Down to the Wire: 3.4.14

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Going Nowhere Fast



This week’s news involves horses going nowhere – on treadmills as a matter of fact…

An article on Horse Nation introduces us to the Alpha Ag/Athens Horse Treadmill. According to the product’s website:

“The Athens Treadmill was designed and built by Amish as a means of energy to run washing machines, grain mills, hydraulic motors, pump water, split firewood, compress air, recharge batteries and even turn a refrigeration compressor to make ice. The machines have been field tested for 12 years without incident or injury to a horse…”

Horse Nation sees this as a good thing. “This contraption exercises your horse, does household chores and cuts your electric bill all in one fell swoop.”

Well OK. We understand that because of religious beliefs, the Amish can’t just simply plug these appliances into an electrical source. Still, there certainly is a lot of technology between the horse and the washing machine. And what’s up with a washing machine anyway when a little soaking in the tub and a hand turned wringer could do the trick. Sigh… too complicated for us.

Anyway it’s probably no weirder than the Virginia Tech students who share an equally inexplicable fondness for a horse on a treadmill, also found on Horse Nation.

Featured in the schools “Invent the Future” ads shown during football game halftimes, the horse has developed a cult following and a dedicated twitter account. For a final game against Maryland, school officials brought back a specially edited version that featured the horse 3 times. The crowd was thrilled.

And yes, there was a T-shirt…


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