Who Is Reem Acra?

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Who Is Reem Acra?  The name sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  Here’s a hint where you likely know the name from:

Charlotte Dujardin Reem Acra 700

That’s London Olympics gold medalist and multiple dressage world record holder, Charlotte Dujardin last December at Olympia where she scored a 93.975% to claim the world record for grand prix musical freestyle.  And what is Valegro wearing?  That’s right!  Reem Acra.

Reem Acra is in fact an international fashion designer who is also the title sponsor of the Western European League and overall final of the prestigious FEI World Cup™ Dressage series.  You can appreciate her work on stars like Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Beyoncé Knowles, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Eva Longoria, and on red carpets worldwide, including these looks on Cristin Milioti and Bette Midler from last night’s Oscars!

Reem Acra Oscars 2014

Not too shabby! So what made her decide to sponsor dressage?  Acra told FEI that she dreamed of being a horseback rider as a little girl.  Today Acra says, “The people who participate in the games are a mirror reflection of the women I design for.”  Well, thank you Ms. Acra!

In her interview with FEI, she also answered some tough questions like: “What are the similarities between the garment you are creating and a Dressage test?”  Read how she handled this truly challenging analogy, and several more in the full interview over on FEI.org.

Or just let these pictures do the talking.  FEI orchestrated this striking photo shoot with horses and Reem Acra designs.  And thanks to the involvement of actual equestrians, the horses look gorgeous!

2011-reem_acra-01 2011-reem_acra-02 2011-reem_acra-03 2011-reem_acra-04 2011-reem_acra-05 2011-reem_acra-06 2011-reem_acra-07

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