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From her well-trained eye for repurposing equestrian art, to her excellent original designs, Australian artist Jennifer Boyle is just exploding with Counter-Canter Culture style.  Boyle is the brains behind Dark Horse Studio, which promises equestrian jewelry for every horse lover.  How is she able to meet this lofty goal?

First, by being the kind of equestrian who isn’t willing to settle for the average product on the market.  One of the main reasons she launched Dark Horse Studio was because she couldn’t anything that appealed to her unique sense of style.  Next by using wonderful music, like 100% Sound playlist artist Gotye, as inspiration.  And finally by taking cues from past greats in the world of equine art that we love at Counter-Canter Culture, like Franz Marc, M.C. Escher and Jerzy Flisak.

The result is a line of jewelry and accessories that offers something to suit every equestrian personality.  This ring featuring Franz Marc’s Blue Horse I (which, as you  may recall is a great thing to wear in The Year of the Horse), and this Boyle-original design pendant show off the depth and diversity of her style.  And just in case you still don’t find your perfect fit, Dark Horse Studio also does custom designs.

Dark Horse Ring and Pendant

Another thing we love about Boyle is that she gave her horse, Champy, an amazing steampunk makeover in her original designs.  Champy definitely sounds to us like another feisty chestnut we know well around here.  One who sometimes goes by the name Fetlock Holmes.  From Dark Horse Studio, you can enjoy Master Champy goes Steampunk in a multitude of different accessories, including a build-it-yourself puppet and a fun throw pillow.

Dark Horse Steampunk

Finally, I am pleased to announce that that Dark Horse Studio is planning an expansion beyond jewelry.  This means two great things for you.  First, to make space for the new products, there is an amazing sale on rings right now.  Don’t miss your opportunity to get them at a deep discount!  Plus, you can already get a flavor of the new line over at society6, where Boyle’s Pink Unicorn design is already becoming a fan favorite.

Dark Horse Pink Unicorn

In addition to the official Dark Horse Studio website, there are many other wonderful ways to learn more about Dark Horse Studio and its signature products.  Be sure to visit them all!

Dark Horse Studio’s Etsy Shop: DarkHorseStudio
Dark Horse Studio’s society6 Shop: darkhorsestudio
Dark Horse Studio’s Facebook Page: Dark Horse Studio


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