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Get A Horse!


The 2013 Disney animation Get A Horse! is nominated for an Oscar this year.  Featuring the archived recordings of Walt Disney as the voice of Mickey Mouse, it’s the first Mickey Mouse theatrical short debut since 1995’s The Runaway Brain. Additionally, if it wins the Oscar on March 2, it will be the first time a Mickey Mouse cartoon has won the category in 73 years, since Lend a Paw took home the award in 1941.

Familiar of course, as the lead-in short to those who went to see the feature animation Frozen, Get A Horse! stars the familiar characters of the early Mickey Mouse cartoons created in around 1928. Mickey and his equine pal, Horace Horsecollar attempt to rescue Minnie Mouse from the clutches of Peg-Leg Pete both on and off the screen as they are literally pushed through the Black & White screen to the colorful CGI future.

Entertainment Weekly’s Anthony Breznican shares 10 secrets of Disney’s Oscar-nominated short ‘Get a Horse!’   and an exclusive video here. Among the amusing tidbits is the fact that there is a carefully hidden Easter egg as Nachos fly up from the animated theater audience. “The 3-D effects guy who was animating the cheese created a single frame where the flying nacho cheese forms the Disney ‘D.”


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