The Canter-Culture Concert Series Primer

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Songs that lend a voice to the equestrian world in a way only music can.

On Thursday, 100% Sound introduced you to ARAF Collective London and their Canter-Culture concert series at The Horse & Stables pub with the article: The Canter-Culture Concert Series In London is Calling All Equestrians!  Now it’s time to get you truly amped for next week’s show with a sneak peak at each of the performers.  As a reminder, here is ARAF’s very impressive full lineup for Friday, February 28.


And now let’s get to know the artists.  Note, you can click on each of the artists’ pictures to jump over to their Facebook page for further reading.


Maya Yianna

Little Liar (Maya Yianni)

First billed Little Liar is exquisite singer-songwriter Maya Yianni.  Last year she took the stage at The Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, and was also featured in Caribou Films’ Balcony Sessions.  Take a listen to her track “In The Dark” with this video from the session.


Hattie Whitefield Square

Hattie Whitehead 

Hattie Whitehead kick started her solo career with a video entry into Green Man Unsigned, an unsigned online band competition associated with the Green Man music festival held annually in Wales.  Her song ‘I’ll See’ rocketed in three days to 12th place out of 320 acts.  In the next video, she soulfully covers a track by electrifying British singer-songwriter and guitarist, John Martyn with Ida Hollis and Todd Baker.


The Dallas Guild Profile Photo Square

 The Dallas Guild

Canter-Culture IV’s headliner is The Dallas Guild.  This band has been making music together for nearly a decade with several notable successes.  In 2006, their track ”Men In White Coats” was spotted and picked up for the VW EOS TV commercial, which ran in the UK through 2007.  Then in 2010, the band was commissioned by the BBC to write the music for their World Cup coverage, and the track “Rainbow Nation” was the result.

More recently, The Dallas Guild has returned with their latest single “The Great Unknown.”  You can learn more about the new tune with this short video of the band recording parts of “The Great Unknown,” and explaining the meaning behind the song.  Then listen to the full track on Spotify, and imagine yourself at The Horse & Stables already!

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