The Canter-Culture Concert Series In London is Calling All Equestrians!

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Songs that lend a voice to the equestrian world in a way only music can.

ARAF Collective SquareThere is a new name in London nightlife, and its surprisingly equestrian cool.  Next Friday night, Londoners will have the opportunity to stroll into a pub called The Horse & Stables and experience an evening of indie music appearing under the banner “Canter-Culture IV.”  Imagine that!

The Canter-Culture concert series is the brainchild of ARAF Collective London, a not-for profit organization aimed at generating awareness and publicity for artists, musicians, performers and writers who require a public platform.  For a little over a year now ARAF has been offering free admission live gigs and literary magazines in and around London.  But it wasn’t until last fall that its Canter-Culture concert series kicked off.

At that time ARAF teamed up with the newly re-opened The Horse and Stables Restaurant, Bar and Hostel, and it seems a new concept was born!  From its signage to its authentic saddle stools, pubs just don’t come much horsier than this one.  See for yourself.  And if you’re thinking there is something oddly familiar about this pub, you are not mistaken!  The Horse & Stables complex also just happens to be the home of famed equine detective Fetlock Holmes and his trusty sidekick Vagtson.  Jump over to the MacKomics to catch up on that tale!

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Meanwhile, the concept for the concert series from the folks at ARAF brings in a bit of neon and graffiti flare that we also love here at Counter-Canter Culture and 100% Sound.  Not to mentions some really great talent.  Take a look at what is in store for the event on February 28th, as well as the stellar lineups from past shows with these gig banners.







And stay tuned for the 100% Sound post on Saturday to see and hear ARAF Collective London artists in action.  Then, all you Londoners, mark your calendar for Canter-Culture on the 28th.  If only London were just a little closer to L.A., I wouldn’t miss it!

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